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Unique selling points for VIRAAT partner hotels, hospitals etc…

For the highest satisfaction of your guest or client, VIRAAT has created the following products and services for its partner hotels, airports, hospitals, clubs etc:

VIRAAT HotSpot WiFi Minute-To-Minute Access

By using internet through our HotSpot & our radius servers, the ‘Ticket’ for VIRAAT Minute-based Access can be added directly to the hotel invoice:
  • For the guest, this means not having to spend valuable time getting the ‘Ticket’ from reception.
  • Reception personnel are also released from the trouble of having to prepare and sell ‘tickets’. The bill is charged in minute cycles
  • The guest only pays for the actual time he or she was online, there are no binding time contingencies.
  • Minute-based Access is ideal for guests who only want to go online for a brief time to read e-mails.
The registration process is highly efficient for “timeless” business travelers
  • For WiFi use, simply open the browser. The VIRAAT portal page appears automatically, select the button for VIRAAT Minute-based Access. Simply enter the guest room number and name, press the LOGIN button and go online.
  • For Wired HQIA, just connect the Ethernet cable; open the browser and the VIRAAT log-in page will automatic or VIRAAT-Wired-HQIA access. Press the LOGIN button and go online.
The VIRAAT Minute-based Access guarantees your guests the greatest flexibility in terms of time and space without tedious login registration procedures.

VIRAAT Group Access

VIRAAT Group Access offers the ideal solution for conference participants, corporate teams and travel groups.The main features are::
  • Time-saving wireless HighSpeed Internet access up to 1 Mbps bandwidth
  • Available at any time for the guest’s entire stay or for the duration of the conference
  • Available at any location in the entire hotel: suite, conference room, lobby, restaurant, bar or terrace…
  • Any kind whether with notebook or cell phone
  • For any conference participant or any group member
  • Low-cost, flat-rate fees far below 1 Rs/ min depending on the online time and with a savings potential far greater than 50 %, compared to daily accesses depending on number of participants
  • For secure access to e-mail, Internet and intranet with iPass and VPN compatibility, internal user isolation, SSL encryption, HotSpot firewall
  • With WiFi adapter for notebooks without a WiFi card (on a loan basis free of charge for deposit).

VIRAAT’S High Quality Internet Access for Conference

The VIRAAT High Quality Internet Access makes it possible for your guests to establish their own conference network from their own servers, VPN and firewall solutions, PCs, notebooks and/or VoIP terminals at the conference and convention centre including
  • Time-saving HighSpeed Internet access with up to 1 Mbps bandwidth via an Ethernet Cat5 connection for a terminal (wired Cat6 or Cat6 WiFi Bridge)
  • The complete connection to the corporate network by means of a concrete public IP address (upon request) and thereby
  • Access to all corporate data
  • Ongoing e-mail accessibility to all conference participants for the continuation of day-to-day operations
  • Comfortable Internet access for the entire conference team without bothersome log-in-details
  • For the security of the network, the support of conventional market VPN solutions (Virtual Private Network)
  • Free support through the professional VIRAAT technology hotline
  • All for a reasonable one-time, set-up fee and daily flat rate
  • VIRAAT’s HQIA turns your hotel into a virtual corporate location for particularly demanding conference and convention guests.

VIRAAT VoiceOverWiFi

VIRAAT VoiceOverWiFi offers your employees cordless telephony in the entire hotel at average 40% of the purchase and maintenance costs of a traditional DECT system:

  • The use of the already existing WiFi infrastructure for across-the-board accessibility and freedom to move around the entire VIRAAT HotSpot

    • Excellent voice quality in the jointly used wireless voice and data networks through the Voice Priority server
    • Light, manageable WiFi telephones with considerable performance features such as memory dial, 80 hr Standby operation, vibration alarm, text messaging support, push-to-talk mode etc.
  • Gradually expandable system fit for the future

    • Connection to your existing PBX telephone system and even to the public telephone network for external use of the WiFi telephon
    • Changeover from classic to IP telephony for existing PBX-system
    • Maintenance of current telephone numbers (telephone number porting)
    • Savings of up to 40% of the telephone costs depending on revenue
    • Free connection from home workstations as well hotels' other locations via DSL flat rates
    • Hybrid or complete migration of the classic PBX system for IP TC system
    • Diverse palette of IP telephones with the most varying functionalities for the most varying demands
    • Scalable up to 60,000 telephones without upgrade costs, thus a comfortable connection from the decentralized locations to a voice and data network
    • Cost savings potentials through standardizing systems and centralizing administration across all locations, e.g. access of each employee to his or her personal user profile within the entire network
    • Use of added-value services such as CTI (Computer Telephony Integration), UMS (Unified Messaging Service), solutions for mobility, Contact Center, conferences, branch offices and home workstations for optimizing customer service and employee productivity.

Standards of VIRAAT HotSpot Service

Our service is 5*. A service intended for every traveler to get secured and most reliable high quality level. Our HotSpots are of the “first class” category that meet 100% technical as well as security requirements and still offer excellent service when it comes to equipment, coverage and availability as well as support from trained employees at the location and from back office.